Please book as early as possible. A lot of dance schools have their shows around the same time of year.


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What we do

We film your stage show using professional equipment right from filming through to editing and producing the final DVD.

Each show is filmed using a variety of shots depending on the type of dance being performed. A solo dance would generally have a close up while an intricately choreographed dance with many dancers would be filmed as a wide shot to show the dance pattern.

Sound is recorded using quality microphones and where available a sound feed is taken from the theatre's mixing desk.

After filming the show is edited to cut out pauses between scenes and, extra shots inserted from the second camera (if used). All the dancers' names are added at the end as a scrolling cast list.

A DVD is then produced from the final edit, complete with a menu and chapters at each dance. The DVDs we use are professional grade DVDs to ensure good quality control. Each DVD is presented in a standard DVD case with an insert designed in the same style as your show programme.

When the DVDs are ready, normally within 4 weeks, you can collect the DVDs and distribute them to your pupils. If you wish we can post out for you if you give us an address list but we will charge extra for this.